This page shows you how to assemble and hang one of my racks.
1:  Open the box, unwrap all the pieces and lay them out on
the             floor or table, if you ordered more than one rack do
not mix          them up as each rack is custom built and wont
2:  On racks with multiple shelves, each shelf has a number on
it's side. These numbers let you know where each shelf goes
from top to bottom. Basic racks go together with common
sense: top, bottom, left & right.
3:  Start assembly by taking one side and using the pre-drilled
holes attach the top, all shelves and bottom piece using
the gold screws. Make sure the screws go into the pre-driled
holes, screw the gold screws all the way in and tighten.
Be careful not to over tighten as you could strip out the wood
especially if you are using a cordless screwdriver or drill.
4:  Take the remaining side and again using the pre-drilled holes
get all the gold screws started but not tight. This allows you
to gently push each shelf up or down to make sure the                    
screws  get started in the pre-drilled holes. After all screws
have been started in the last side as pictured you can screw
them all in evenly sucking the rack together.
5:  Now you are ready to push in the screw hole mushroom plugs
by hand and lightly tap with a hammer. This is also a good
time to install the headcover posts. They should go into their
holes fairly easy, if not flip it over or give a little twist while
inserting. You shouldn't have to use a hammer or pry on
the headcover posts. I don't use glue on either of these.
6:  To hang the rack use the two (or three) longer black
screws.   Try to screw these into the studs in your wall which
are                 normally spaced 16 inches on center. Make sure the
are level and screw them in straight leaving about 3/8 inch
of the black screws sticking out from the wall.
7:  With the larger black screws sticking out from the wall          
about 3/8 of an inch just hang the rack on these screws. The         
about 3/8 of an inch just hang the rack on these screws. The         
rack will simply hang from the dovetail on the back of the              
top piece of the rack as pictured here.
8:  At  this time with the smaller racks you are ready to hang
your putters and headcovers. With some of the larger racks
I include extra mounting holes on the bottom of the rack, some     
of these holes may be hidden in the headcover post holes.. Use
the remaining black screws to secure the bottom of the rack
to the wall for extra support.